Concealed Weapon Training by Certified USCCA Instructors

Shawn is our lead instructor and trainer for concealed weapon training – he grew up around firearms, shooting, hunting and sporting clubs in Louisiana with his family. Later, he underwent specialized security and defense training in the U.S. Navy, where he served aboard submarines tasked with reconnaissance and special forces delivery and insertion. He and his wife lived and worked in the south Pacific and SE Asia where they were forward deployed. After 6 years in the military, he worked for NASA contractors in the Space Shuttle program at Kennedy Space Center in Titusville, Florida. Then his work took him to Texas for a few years, overseas to Ukraine for several years and then back here to Florida, where he could finally settle down in one place and be near family while continuing his Non-profit work leading Mission 823, Inc.

Shawn and his wife have been permitted/licensed to carry concealed weapons for many years and have always helped others along the way. As a Certified USCCA Instructor, he now has the privilege of meeting and exceeding all state and USCCA requirements for those seeking basic firearms safety, concealed weapon training and advanced firearms training.

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concealed weapon training
Concealed Weapon Training

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