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Just finished one of our Concealed Carry Classes in Clermont Florida


concealed weapons permit classesNot only are my wife and I having a blast teaching these concealed carry classes together, but apparently the students are having a pretty good time as well. Our Concealed Weapons Permit Classes are very comprehensive, pretty interactive, a little challenging and far exceed state and USCCA requirements (Shawn is a USCCA Certified Instructor). We also teach Advanced Firearms Training for students who already have their CWP/CHL or have completed our CWP Class. We would like to extend an invitation for you to attend in the near future.

You can sign up here: Class Registration

Our classes are not bare bones minimum, shoot someone else’s loaded pistol in a bucket in the back room, rubber stamp your certificate kind of classes. We’re seeing a lot of students come through that have already received a certificate that they could technically submit for their application to the state of Florida . . . but they feel ripped off, unprepared and quite frankly, scared to strap on their EDC (every day carry) because they have no idea what to do. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive foundation for confidence in taking the next steps to applying for your concealed weapons permit. We also want to build strong fundamentals for more advanced training.

Here’s a note from one of our students who took our class this last week:

concealed carry classes in clermont floridaGood evening Shawn, I wanted to thank you for the class today. In having taken this class before, your class was by far much more informative. After taking the class a few years ago through a different company, I left feeling a little less informed and unsure of the conceal carry law and myself in a self defense situation. Leaving your class today was an entirely different feeling. Your material was very detailed and informative. I left feeling ready to proceed with getting my CWP and continuing a learning plan. I now truly understand the responsibility of having a CWP. Your patience and guidance with the novice student was top notch and much appreciated. In short, I will highly recommend to any friends and family to take your course and I will be applying for your advanced course in the near future. I have already set my appointment to complete my paperwork and obtain my CWP. Thank you again and if it is ever an option to just practice a few rounds on your range, please let me know! Sincerely, Brad

I love teaching firearms safety, preparing students for their concealed weapons permit and conducting advanced firearms training. But my greatest satisfaction is seeing a student progress from never touching a firearm, through competence and proficiency, to confidence in every day carry.

gun classes in clermont floridaReach out and connect with us if you have questions, need advice or want to sign up for a concealed carry class in Clermont Florida.


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