Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Where can I apply for my Concealed Weapon Permit?  Click Here!

What are the fees associated with the CWP?  Click Here!

Where can I get my fingerprints done for my CWP?  Click Here!

How do I fill out my application properly?  Click Here!

Where can I read the Florida Chapter 790 Statute regarding Weapons and Firearms? What does the law say?  Click Here!

Where can I get the most current CWP application? Our Concealed Carry Classes always include the most current application packets or you can Click Here!

CCW, CHL, CWP, CCL . . . What is the right term for the Florida Concealed Carry Permit?  CWP stands for “Concealed Weapons Permit” and is the legal term for the license to carry in the state of Florida. Florida law allows different types of weapons to be carried concealed and covers more than just firearms.

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