“Best Concealed Carry Classes in Central Florida”best concealed carry classes

This is the repeated testimony of our students from our concealed carry classes and advanced firearms training classes. Our instructors are certified professionals who take self defense, safety and the law very seriously and deliver the information in a fun and interesting way.  We believe that we have some of the best concealed carry classes in Lake County, Florida!

Here’s what our students are saying:

“This was a great course! I feel that the basics were covered and I have a much better understanding of the law. When taking a class a few years ago through a different company, I left feeling a little less informed and unsure of the conceal carry law and myself in a self defense situation. Leaving your class today was an entirely different feeling. Your material was very detailed and informative. I left feeling ready to proceed with getting my CWP and continuing a learning plan.” – Brad

“This was well thought out and presented. I think I could talk my wife into coming to this course because of who you are, what you do and what you believe in.”Duwane                (BTW, she came to the next class.)

“Lots and lots of information for such a short time span . . . well planned, well taught. You are very knowledgeable, informed and skilled at delivery.” – Pam

“Great class for first time gun owner. Instructor was very thorough and left me wanting to learn more.” – Gary

“Instructor was very helpful and answered questions quickly and effectively.” – Cody

“Instructor is very knowledgeable and thorough. As a beginner, I appreciated his explanations.” – Sarah

“Wow, a lot of info, especially for someone starting at zero like me . . . I love the seriousness with which the class is designed. It’s so important to think about and understand all the implications (of concealed carry).” – Libby

“Great class – I learned a lot about gun safety, but also about what the law says I can and can’t do to protect myself – good info to know so that you don’t get in trouble if you’re ever faced with a life-threatening situation. The range time was great – the instructor took the time to help me shoot properly and confidently, not just shooting one shot into a bucket like other classes do. I would definitely recommend this class!” – Amy

We take a great deal of pride in delivering the highest quality self defense materials, the latest tactical technological advances and the most recent statutes in the law. We truly strive to be the best concealed carry classes in Central Florida.

If you’d like to sign up for one of our courses, contact us at info@venetitactical.com or register at http://venetitactical.com/trainingclasses